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Goal shape and well-being

Scientifically proven professional treatment and training protocols. Nothing is left to chance.


Customized 15 minutes session, once or twice a week


The first results already after the first 4 sessions!


Private sessions

Children’s Area

Children’s area to train in full freedom

Suitable for everyone

CI.Zero is a training method that has not a limit of age, gender or athletic ability.
After a first interview, the Personal Trainer sets the training path aimed at achieving the final goal.

Freely and safely

Total Body electrostimulation (EMS) training without cables connected to the electricity! The exercises take place in full freedom of movement, even outdoors!

Quick results

Involvement of 90% of muscle fibers. Short and intense training. 22 electrodes simultaneously stimulate the major muscle groups.


Weight loss thanks to metabolic awakening
Strength and muscle volume
Antidote to cellulite by activating peripheral circulation
Healthier skin
Increased mobility and balance
No more back pain!

Customers review

Satisfied customers already after the first sessions

I have to say, it’s great to fit in the clothes that lay at the bottom of the closet. -6kg and several cm less… 8 sessions. Great professionalism and support.

Patricia Marini
Patricia Marini

Already from the first sessions the post-pregnancy flabby belly is gone! It has toned up a lot in a few sessions. Thanks to the CI.Zero team for your support.

Elena Molinari
Elena Molinari

I can only say that it literally changed my life. I have seen the first results already after two sessions. You immediately grow in strength and your whole body tones… from me is a YES!

Luca Mariotti
Luca Mariotti

Beautiful and very intense training session, in a short time I trained all the muscles, I really liked it and trainers are very nice and motivating… try it, it is really worth it.

Maria Spina
Maria Spina

No wires connected to the electricity, patented product and professional protocol. Customized session with a personal trainer. You can feel all the muscles working! 15 intense and productive minutes.

Cinzia Forante
Cinzia Forante

It’s great ….when I started I could not move, I was stuck (for too long I did not exercise) now I feel light and dynamic ….thanks to the CI.Zero team!

Roberta Roberti
Roberta Roberti

Independent franchisee

Come and try Ci.Zero also in our independent franchisee
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25047 Darfo Boario Terme (BS)

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